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April 22, 2021

Useful links and resources can be found below, however this is not intended to replace advice given by your Doctor or Nurse. Please seek medical advice if you are concerned.


Note that some of the links below are for “Sponsored Data“. Most of the content on sponsored data websites is free to access (the Ministry of Health will automatically fund data charges related to accessing these websites). This initiative aims to reduce the cost barrier associated with accessing online health information, to ensure that everyone can access health and wellbeing information and digital health services. Sponsored data is free for anyone using Spark, Skinny, Vodafone or 2degrees networks, on Prepaid or Monthly plans used within New Zealand. Sponsored data is not available on global roaming. To access data make sure your mobile data is turned on. Usual data charges will apply if the website has externally hosted content, however these sites have been reviewed to minimise such content.


Sponsored Data: 

General information:



Children’s Health + Parenting: 


Contraception and Sexual Health: 

COVID information including vaccination: 


Gut Health: 

Heart Health:



Mental Health: 

Pregnancy and breastfeeding:




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